This is Mark’s story

Santa Teresa Community, NT

When there’s big storm comes we’ve got a problem. Water just comes rushing in and we don’t know what to do.

Water just comes rushing in from the top there, down through the verandah, it goes straight into the rooms, the kitchen and both (bed)rooms, sometimes it goes around the house, back to the laundry and the shower.

And the verandah is like a swamp, see where that line is? That’s how far it goes, the water.

We just let it settle down, and then we start cleaning up and wait for maybe the next storm, and it happens again.

Makes me feel like you know crying. Cos I’m a cardiac patient. I have problems with my heart. And I’ve got to do all this heavy work.

When the first storm goes away, you got to prepare for the next storm. You never know when it will come around. It just happens. I’ve had a pretty rough time since I moved in. still carrying on, on and on and on. Cos there’s nothing they can do…housing…all they do is just take photo and maybe take it back to their wall and put it back and have a look. They’ve been taking that many photos of the water…they don’t return to fix it. And that’s it. I feel sorry…

There’s a lot of mud inside, we have to get everything out and let it dry and put it back in again.

I got to start digging again, the area where the water flows, runs down. I have to put a better sheet of iron at the front there. Where the open thing is, the verandah, I’ve got to put that and make it like…I’ve got to dig that out and think about how many metres deep and then I’ve got to put this sheet of iron and cover it over so the water won’t go in.”

Mark also has issues with blocked drains and has to empty the shower out with a bucket every time he uses it. There is no light in his shower, so he uses a candle and his toilet doesn’t flush properly, so he has to force sewage down with a stick. His taps also leak.

ALRAR is assisting 70 households in Santa Teresa Community by collectively lodging 70 claims with the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NTCAT), seeking orders for the Department of Housing to attend to over 600 housing repairs in the community.  

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